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Russian comedy is simply filled with tsarcasm

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101 Ways to Come Out of the Closet


 (includes both conventional/non-conventional ways, serious/funny ways and is focused towards coming out to your parents/caregivers) (Submitted by miakosamuio)

101. Record your voice saying “I’m gay” in a build-a-bear and give it as a gift to your parents.
100. Knock knock joke. For example, you= “Knock knock”, parents= who’s there? You= It’s me your son/daughter, parents= it’s me your son/daughter who, you= “is gay”.
99. Write a song about being gay and perform it for your parents.
98. Write a poem.
97. Take pictures of you and your significant other kissing and leave them around places you know they will find them.
96. Get a rainbow tattooed somewhere on your body.
95. Act the stereotypical gay way, and have them assume you’re gay without having to actually “come out”.

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It’s like I want to die when you’re around. @theboyivefallenfor,buticantgrowupandtellhimilovehim

I hate everyone who’s prettier than me and has a better blog than me

So like basically everyone

Is it alright that I love how sassy the new Tumblr terms of service is?

why does it have to be you who drowns me?

Wow. Here I am again talking about a boy. I’ve spent 7 months telling myself I’m going to be just fine without you.
I’ve been ruining myself chasing after you kid.
I’ve been lighting my insides just to distract myself from the pain that is you.
But honestly I was a flood that wrecked my heart.
You’re my flood.
Help me I’m drowning in you. In your memories, which hit me in never ending waves.
Just could you please take me to the ocean?
I mean the water there is deeper and I’d just swim out until I was free of your flood waters.
I’m talking nonsense.
None of that actually made sense.
But now that I think about it nothing has made sense since I left you.
It’s like I’ve made this plan for you and I, and I’m just too much of a child to tell you that I honest to God love you so much. Even now.
It’s just like, dammit boy why can’t you jus love me like all the other boys do?!?! All these other boys crave my attention and I give it to them in the hopes that drowning my sorrows in other boy’s lips will somehow remind me of you.
Why can you look at me like these other boys do?
Why can’t you want me too?
Any living creature with a dick and lips I’ve been running to and trying to find a flood in him, but it’s been made very obvious to me that you’re the only one capable of drowning me.


on a scale from the lightning thief to catching fire how accurate was your book to movie adaptation

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